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Let Us Pray

#MPM   or    #WPW 

Every Monday and Wednesday is dedicated  to our crushes or people in our lives.  Which is great to show the world that we appreciate the people in our lives. It's becoming a trend  to post your  #MCM or #WCW.  
I want to bombard the internet with men and women who are not afraid to pray. With all the violence  that this generation has to witness,  we need to take the time to be unified.
I now deem every 

 We will come together to touch and agree on our prayers
This isn't just for the typical, this is for everyone. 


Father, today I am filled with so much gratitude. Thank you for being God. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you for being forgiving. Thank you for being consistent. Thank you for being my example of what love looks like. Thank you for being dependable. Thank you teaching me your ways. Thank you for giving me another chance. Thank you for proving yourself to me. Thank you so much. Because of you I have peace. Because of you I am the man that you called me to be. Because of you, I know how to love my friends and my enemies. Because of you, fear and disappointment don't matter. Because of you I love embrace the challenges of life instead of running from them. Because of you I have learned to forgive. Because of you I have learned to be a positive role model. Because of you I have learned to govern my actions and my behavior according to your standards and your principles. Because of you I am saved and gladly filled with the Holy Ghost. Because of you I can smile even when life knocks me down. Father you are so amazing. I can be real with you. I can cry when I need to and vent when I need to. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your everything I need and more. Today I promise to represent you and to speak well of you. I will praise you for the rest of my life


Father you are absolutely amazing your our peace our Joy our ever Present Help and you love us beyond measure.. Father I thank for allowing us the precious personal moments with you to lay every burden concern and heartache at your feet knowing that you will take care of us in and out of Season and father also in those moments you bring peace restoration and strength. Father I ask that you cover your people and keep our minds in the mist of what's going on around us and continue to draw us closer to you.. father I ask that you cover the hurt heal the sick and give peace to all who are troubled.. cover your vessels and keep them sensitive to your move so they (we) may never miss a moment with you or someone in need.. Father we bless you and we thank you for being mindful and still blessing us even in our moments of chastisement... continue to have your way In Jesus name I Pray Amen


Dear heavenly Father, this morning I would like to give you thanks for being GOD, I thank you for your love even when I didn't love myself , I thank you with a heart full of Gratitude, I thank you that no matter what it may look like to the natural eye, I know it is well because you know the thoughts you have towards us thoughts of peace and not of evil to give us an expected end , and I declare and decree that EVERY unsaved family member and love shall be saved SANCTIFIED and filled with your precious Spirit, because your WORD says though hand join in hand the wicked shall not go unpunished, but the seed of the Righteous SHALL be Delivered, and Lord please remember the lost in the pardon of their sins, because IT is not your will that any man should parish , but that all come to REPENTANCE , In JESUS name, AMEN


Daddy thank you for your glorious blessing of this day and the opportunity to do and be your manifested presence in the earth. Lord I simply ask that you would grant your people the spirit of revelation and Wisdom in the area of knowing you personally. Open the eyes of our hearts so to see the greatness of your power unfolding in the lives of them/us that wholeheartedly seek your face. I pray that you would make known to us the mystery of your will according to your good pleasure that you have purposed in yourself for us. Thank you daddy for continual enlightenment and revelation of the hidden things concerning you. In Jesus Name Amen...


Just for today Father, I do not want to ask you for anything. I just want to thank you for EVERYTHING!!



Father we are grateful for another day. We thank you for the privilege of being your children. It's an honor to love you, To worship you and to live for you. Thank you for choosing us as leaders. Father help every man to walk in the power, authority, and dominion that you have given us. Help us to be a leader not just in title but also in lifestyle and in behavior. Let everything about us reflect who you have called us to be. Help us to be bold and be courageous. Help us to embrace who we are in ministry, in our families, and in our society. We thank you because you are causing us to walk in victory and in power. In JESUS name. 


Heavenly Father, I come to you humble as I know how first and foremost just to say thank you! Thank you for your life, thank you for your word, thank you for my bishop, and thank you for my friends. I pray for peace today and I pray for life! Dear God I pray that your Holy Spirit will minister to someone today. I pray that someone won the streets homeless, someone caught up in a gang or someone with no family will get to know you today. I pray for the holy spirit to whisper a word from you in someone's ear today and they come to get to know you. I pray for my friends and my family and if you find anything in them that is not like you to take it away. Dear God I pray that everything we do today, the way we walk, the way we talk, and the way we speak may glorify your name and will be a blessing to someone today. Oh Lord I'm praying for a family today that is lost, i'm praying for that mother who has lost her child, the child who has lost a parent, comfort them, give them peace oh Lord, and help them to know that you can do anything but fail and that by leaning and trusting one you, this too will pass. I pray that your will be done in Jesus name I pray. Amen..Amen..Amen

-D.L. Rayford

Father, today we make a decision to allow your Word to be our final authority. There are so many other voices that come to sway us but we will continue to lean on your Word as our source. Continue to shape us as men of valor that we will be examples to those that are connected to us. Holy Spirit, we open our spiritual ears so that we can hear what u are saying to us, the church. We declare that we will not be mediocre but we will fulfill our divine purposes and do it with integrity. Amen


Give courage and strength to those that are going thru life's challenges and that we grow to walk in peace and harmony. . . Amen


Heavenly Father I come before you today with zero pretense and for unselfish reasons, Lord I first and foremost I must say thank you for the work you have done and are gonna for my personal situation but God my heart is heavy for my city and youth of my city Lord young people see no hope God they see no benefit in faith Lord their reality, our reality has them stuck where they are with no reasonable expectation that they will ever be able to climb out. Lord there is so much deception and misrepresentation of truth God and the young folks see God they feel it God and my request at this time God is that you show them something real, God show them that though it may seem and feel hopeless that in fact you have it all in control. God you know what your people suffer with God touch and heal the hearts and minds of your people God their are so many obstacles and barriers that have been purposely placed in the way of the young people to ensure that they not only fail but are broken mentaly God they need you we need you like never before God and Lord we dont claim to be victims only God because we know the young folks as well us all make bad choices God I pray that you step in God be a compass direct us in the way we should go soften the hearts of the disenfranchised so that they may hear your voice God you know more than anyone how these way on my mind everyday God and maybe my resolve os in question in my own mind God give me strength to do more God we need the body of Christ to do more God my young people dont want to hear about it any more God they want to see it God take you church back God and make it the shinning example that is needed in a time such as we live God gouvh the leaders because I recognize there is good work being done but God I also ask that you fill the void of leadership with men and women who have no ambition for power and fame and money just to do your will and help lift your people out of whatever situation they face God I am hopeful because I know if it can be done you are the one who can do it and I have faith God because I believe that you will do Lord I ask for these and all other blessing in the name of your Son Jesus AMEN


Father, We thank you for another day and opportunity that you have grace us with. We thank you for good health, your strength that's made perfect in our weakness. God, we thank you just for counting us worthy to serve you, to love you, to walk with you and for giving your life for us. We thank you for the doors that you are opening in all areas of prosperity in our lives. We thank you for being lenders and not borrowers. We thank you for being above and not beneath... For being the head and not the tail. We ask that you continue to teach us your way so that we won't be led astray and so that we can continue to be a reflection of you in this world. Continue to watch over our family and friends? Continue to be the great that you are in every area of our lives and our family's and friend's lives. Spill over into their family's and friend's lives. We will DEFINITELY give your name ALL the honor because you're more than worthy of it! We love you very much and again want you to know that we appreciate all that is you! Amen!!!


Lord, Help us to trust in you, your guidance through the Holy Spirit, and your word. The world has become a dangerous place full of confusion and animosity toward anyone who stands on your word. Let men everywhere who know you take a stand and be the leaders at home and in the church that you created us to be. Let us live the gospel. Let us proclaim the gospel. I ask it in Jesus' name. Amen


That the will of God be fulfilled I'm my life



Dear Heavenly Father,
We come together today to say thank you! Thank you because you decided to give us life today. Today women will come together and unite for one cause and that's to say we need you. God help us to be better women, mothers, wives, sisters and leaders. God protect us! Protect our children! God help women with broken hearts, women who are struggling with issues from childhood. God speak life to my sister. God help my sister with her confidence, help her with insecurities. God only you can help us! We put our faith in you! This is my prayer, Amen.


Father in the Name of Jesus, I come to you humbly as I know how first to say, Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for another opportunity to serve and please you. My prayer is that you touch the Youth. Let them stop the senseless violence. Let them ask what we must do to be Saved. Touch the city of Baltimore, we have had so many crimes in the last several months, and it has been our youth committing these crimes. Touch my family let them have a thirst to serve and get to you know even the more. Touch the hearts of your people keep them covered with your precious BLOOD. Continue to cover my church family and anyone connected to them. You are the very air that we breathe, and we need you in every area of our lives. My soul says, Amen


Father God, I come with a thankful heart. God I thank you for being an awesome God, for being a healer, and for continuously blessing me and my family. God i thank you for keeping my mind when I was at my lowest point. God I thank you for placing people in my path that continue to help push me into my purpose. God I thank you in advance for covering our nation and leaders. God I thank you for the change that is taking place right now across the world. God I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU. In Jesus name I pray AMEN


I'm praying for people who suffer from substance abuse in my family. I'm praying for God to arrest the spirit of addiction. I'm praying for deliverance from THE powers of darkness which causes them to use drugs and drink alcohol. I'm praying for renewed strength in the name of Jesus. I know God is able.


Heavenly Father, First I want to say thank you...thank you for life,health and strength. Thank you for being a kind, loving and merciful God. Thank you for being mindful of your people. Your word says that you would perfect the things that concern God we ask that you would be true to your word and work on those things that have our hearts and minds in distress. God heal open wounds and ease troubled minds. God show us your plans for our lives. We are no good on our own and we ask for your guidance in everything we do. Lord we thank you for hearing us and we believe that you will honor our requests. Amen


Pray for my family to be filled with the Holy GHOST, my son Eljay be healed and made whole, pray that I have more confidence in who I am in the kingdom. Pray for the lost souls to be saved

-Cynthia Kelly

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"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven." Matthew 18:19 KJV
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