Khronicles of Krys

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Audition for KOK

Khronicles of Krys Productions (KOK) is looking for talented individuals who wish to inspire and encourage others through performance theatre. We are currently in search of actors, singers, dancers and musicians. Joining our family will require you to be passionate, reliable, responsible and flexible with your time. In preparation for our performances we require a few days out of the week for rehearsal. We usual rehearse once a week the first few months of rehearsal. The closer we get to the performance date we will have rehearsal 2-3 days  out of the week including the weekend. ALL rehearsal are deemed mandatory. If you choose to submit an audition, upon selection, you are accepting and agreeing to these requirements.

What We Need From You:

Email all audition submissions to

Answer and include all of the information below 




Male or Female

Email Address

Cell Phone Number

Social Media Names (Fb, Ig, and/or Twitter)

Talent (ex: actor, singer, dancer, poet, comedian, musician)



A headshot photo

Picture should be clear and from the neck up.

No other people should be in the photo.

Picture should be in a well lit setting.

Be aware that all pictures may be used for promotional purposes if you join KOK.

No tongues, peace signs, possible gang signs, or any other obscene non-professional gestures should be visable in the photo.

A short bio about yourself

Bio should include any and all important information about yourself. Including but not limited to: marital status? children? hometown? life goals and dreams? talents? extra curricular activities? volunteer services? etc. 

Performance resume'
Include any performances that you have been apart of from high school to present day (plays, concerts, talent shows, etc.) 
If you do not have a performance resume', you are still eligible to audition for KoK. We are accepting talent at all levels of experience.
A 2 to 5 minute video including the following information:
How did you hear about KoK?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Why do you want to be a part of KoK?
What position will you be auditioning for?
Actors: Perform a monologue or poem showing your dramatic and/or comedic acting skills
Singers: Song selection should show your vocal range and be free of profanity and vulgar or disrespectful language.
Dancers: Accepting Hip-Hop, Ballet,  Jazz, Lyrical, and Praise Dancing. Clothing should be appropriate. Private parts should be completely covered. Twerking is prohibited and song selection should be free of profanity and vulgar or disrespectful language.
Musicians: Selection should showcase your talent using musical instruments. Video needs to be clear  so we can see that it is you playing the instrument. There should not be any other musicians or singers included in the video unless you are auditioning as a group.

Please save our email address to your email contact list. KoK will communicate via email once we have made our decision, so please be sure to check your email frequently.